Civil and Infrastructure

At Eblana Associates a broad range of consulting engineering services including Civil and infrastructure design services are provided. With our dedicated civil engineering department we strive to deliver the optimum design for each project that we are included in. At any stage of the project, Eblana Associates is available to provide their services, this includes the preliminary reports through to site supervision and completion of projects. Our engineers have a wealth of experience in a broad range of projects in Ireland, the UK and Iran.

We always work to achieve and determine the optimum solution for each project, while ensuring compliance with the relevant codes and standards is achieved. With our up-to-date libraries of standards, guidelines, analysis and modelling software we ensure our engineers have access to the latest tools to provide the most cost effective and efficient solutions to our clients

We have the experience of working on numerous types of projects including: Schools and Universities, Healthcare facilities, Residential Estates, Road realignments, office and commercial developments, etc.


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